Cannabis and fortune-telling share a long history. Separately, they open the mind to possibilities and encourage personal reflection. Combined, they yield more than a little bit of magic.

Green Witch proudly continues this tradition with our Toke & Tarot service.

Bookings for this service include a 20-minute Tarot reading with an experienced practitioner to discuss your topic of choice. Romance, career, and generalized readings are welcome. You’ll be invited to make a smoke session of it, too, should you so choose; giving you and the reader a chance to vibe in a whole new way.

Each session takes place remotely via Zoom, so you can connect with us via any supporting device.

Click the Book Now button and mark your calendar! Things are about to get magical!



Additional Information:

• This is a 21+ years of age only service.

• You will be asked to verify your agreement  with our Terms of Service at the time of booking.

• There is a non-refundable fee of $10 for any appointment canceled 48 hours or less before their scheduled time. 

• 24 hour or less cancellations will not receive a refund but may discuss rescheduling for another time for an additional fee.