Artist Spotlight – Artetak

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It’s time for another Artist Spotlight, and we could not be more excited to feature trippy artist extraordinare, Artetak!

Green Witch: How and when did you first become interested in cannabis?

Artetak: Probably the same way most people do: as a teenager in a car with a bunch of friends back in the late 90’s, early 2000’s. I’ve been smoking off and on since then. A few years ago I started using it regularly, both recreationally and as a way to self medicate for my ADHD, and now I’m basically perpetually stoned.

GW: How has cannabis impacted your art?

A: Cannabis has been absolutely beneficial to almost everything I create. It lets me hyper-focus and shut out the world around me. I super recommend smoking and working on art to everyone who hasn’t tried it yet. Something about being able to just relax and create at the same time is just the best feeling in the world. It also helps you come up with some pretty stupid ideas which is the foundation for my art.

GW: Do you have a favorite strain, or one that makes you feel most creative?

A: Unfortunately, I live in one of those fun states (Georgia) where cannabis isn’t legal yet, so I’ve never really had the privilege of being able to pick through different strains of anything. It has mostly been a “Here’s what I have, take it or leave it” -type situation. Although, recently, I visited my first ever legal dispensary in Las Vegas, called Planet 13, which was wonderful. I will totally admit that the one strain I picked, I picked only because they mentioned it in the movie Children Of Men. It was called “Strawberry Cough” and it was everything I had hoped it to be. So I’m basically one of those people who saw people smoking weed in a movie and decided that I, too, should smoke weed. Movies turn people into stoners!

GW: What do you wish more people understood about marijuana?

A: I feel like there is still this stigma that stoners are total lazy burnouts who don’t do anything, when that is absolutely not the case at all. I mean, one time I ate an edible and made an entire rug. I never would have done that sober.

GW: Where can people find you online?

You can visit my shop at

Or, you can find me at

Or, you can get your conservative relatives who haven’t left Facebook yet to get mad at me at

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