Artist Spotlight – Ashley Hay

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We here at Green Witch are proud to present our first ever Artist Spotlight! The first of many, we wanted to celebrate the makers out there who are inspired by cannabis.

Today we’re featuring our dear friend and astonishing artistic talent, Ashley Hay!

Green Witch: How and when did you first become interested in cannabis?

Ashley Hay: I started being interested in cannabis right before my first year in college. I had some friends that dabbled and there wasn’t much to do in small-town South Dakota so it helped me get through the downtimes.

GW: How has cannabis impacted your art?

AH: It has helped me follow my ideas and let them flow. Cannabis lets me not worry about what others are going to think and really have fun with my art. It lets me create what makes me happy while removing doubt.

GW: Do you have a favorite strain, or one that makes you feel most creative?

AH: It has been illegal for so much of my time using it, that I usually just got what I could get so I don’t pay too much attention to specific strains but Indica is great for me when I want to be productive or out and about. I like Sativa for a chill night at home or when I want to explore outside.

GW: What do you wish more people understood about marijuana?

AH: That it has been so demonized and propagandized over the years even though it helps so many people with mental and physical health issues. It can enhance so much of your daily activities or chores as well. If you don’t feel like doing something, cannabis can help get you through it and make the best of it. It is like most things, in moderation, it has a lot of benefits. Most importantly, people that enjoy cannabis aren’t bad people and don’t deserve jail time just for it.

GW: Where can people find you online?

AH: You can find me online on Instagram @AshleyHayDesign and visit my shop at


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