Artist Spotlight – Ms Formaldehyde

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For today’s Artist Spotlight, we’re featuring one of the most tenacious makers we know, Ms Formaldehyde!

Green Witch: How and when did you first become interested in cannabis?

Ms Formaldehyde: Been into weed since I was 14. It helps with my anxiety.

GW: How has cannabis impacted your art?

MF: I use weed while I work. It makes everything better.

GW: Do you have a favorite strain, or one that makes you feel most creative?

MF: I love anything by Stiiizy.

GW: What do you wish more people understood about marijuana?

MF: Taking RSO has helped me with my long COVID. When no doctor would help me, a homeopath did and got me on the right path. I was in so much pain. It was unbearable. Now after months I am 70% back to normal.

GW: Where can people find you online?



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