Artist Spotlight – The Art Apothecary

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Today’s Artist Spotlight features someone near and dear to our hearts, The Art Apothecary!

Green Witch: How and when did you first become interested in cannabis?

Art Apothecary: The final year of college brought a lot of stress, anxiety and sleepless nights and that’s when a friend introduced me to the magic and healing of cannabis. I continued to use it afterwards for those reasons as well to aid in physical stress with muscle tension and pains.

GW: How has cannabis impacted your art?

AA: I’m much more open to trying something new that had previously been intimidating. I started out with designing and painting and have now successfully expanded my shop and skills to include candle making, herb and flower bundling, dried arrangements and there’s more on the way!

GW: Do you have a favorite strain, or one that makes you feel most creative?

AA: At this point in my life, I consume more CBD products including tinctures, vapes for on the go and topicals. Calming my senses and nerves helps my creativity emerge.

GW: What do you wish more people understood about marijuana?

AA: It’s a natural and healing plant. I wish it could be viewed as the other plants we regularly consume to aid in pain, stress and anxiety reduction (and so much more!). It’s such a beautiful and complex plant that could help so many.

GW: Where can people find you online?

AA: If you would like to follow my journey and get an inside look at my process and even see past projects, Instagram @theartapothecaryshop and if you would like to see my current portfolio of what I have, Etsy !

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