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One of the downsides to smoking pot is the smoke itself. Beyond the smell permeating a space, it is not discreet and can be problematic in shared spaces.

Over the years, lots of clever stoners have created home-made devices to combat these challenges, with mixed success. Smokebuddy is one of the more successful gadgets. Here’s a snippet of what their product is all about:

“For the benefit of both smokers and non-smokers alike, Smokebuddy has created the first truly personal air filter. By combining highly-advanced, HEPA filter technology with a versatile array of colors, themes and form factors, there’s a Smokebuddy to meet everyone’s needs- regardless if you’re constantly on the go, relaxing with friends or family or simply taking a break at the office.”

Your next question is likely, “but does it work?” The answer is a resounding yes. There are, of course, some things to be aware of, good and bad.


  • Smokebuddy does exactly what it says it will. We’ve put the Junior and Original sizes to the test, and they did not disappoint. The smell was completely neutralized and the space was left haze free.
  • They’re easy to use. All you need to do to is remove the protective caps from either end of the device, place the entry side to your mouth, and blow the smoke in. When you’re done, pop the caps back on either end.
  • They donate a portion of sales to charities such as Reach Out Worldwide, Children’s Hospital, and Forgotten Not Gone.


  • There is a lifespan on uses due to their non-replaceable, non-cleaneable filter. Their FAQ gives more details on each size.
  • Aside from the Junior size, they are not portable. They are better suited to home use or places where you intend to carry it around in a bag.
  • Depending on your lung capacity, the Junior size might be a test of will. You have to blow the smoke out far more slowly than with the larger sizes.

Despite the cons, Smokebuddy is a solid product that does not overpromise on what it can do. The array of available colors and patterns makes personalization easy, and it could not be easier to use.

Tried a Smokebuddy yourself or curious to know more? Let us know in the comments!

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