The Stoner’s Toolkit

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There are a lot of gizmos and gadgets out there meant to enhance your smoking experience, but there are a select few you’ll find consistently in an experienced stoner’s kit. Today we’re outlining the top five must-haves.

  • Grinder
    • If you’re buying flower, a grinder is more a necessity. While you can break your weed apart by hand, it’s faster and results are more consistent if you pop it in a grinder instead. We recommend getting one that is metal and includes a kief catcher. (Kief is the potent sprinkling of cannabis trichomes that come loose from the flower during the grinding process.)
  • Kasher
    • A kasher is a metal tool you use to remove the contents of a smoked bowl of weed. The thin end is the perfect tool to gently scrape the bowl clean and prep it to be packed again. Typically, kashers are sized to slip over a standard lighter so it’s never far from hand.
  • Hemp Wick
    • Hemp wick is a length of hemp twine coated lightly with wax. The wax causes the wick to burn slowly so it can be used to light your weed without the potential chemical taste from using a lighter directly.
  • Screens
    • Generally available in steel, brass, or glass, screens are immensely helpful when using glassware to smoke. These small screens are placed at the bottom of the bowl and keep smaller pieces of flower from falling inside the glassware and potentially clogging it up.
  • Roach Clip
    • We covered roach clips in a previous article, but they bear mentioning here. If you intend to smoke joints, this handy tool has a number of benefits from keeping your fingers far from burning material, to making a joint easier to pass, and even simply making sure your fingertips don’t smell smoky afterward.

What tools can you not live without? Let us know in the comments!

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