What is a Roach Clip Anyway?

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“Roach Clip” might seem like an uninviting term, but it’s one that is part of cannabis culture. What is a “roach” and why would one clip it?

A roach refers to a mostly-smoked joint. The origins of the term are debatable; some claim it’s derived from the song “La Cucaracha”; some say it’s a hold over from the jazz era; and even others think it’s simply because that’s what a mostly-smoked joint resembles: a cockroach. Whatever the origin, the term stuck.

Why clip a roach: it keeps your fingers from getting burned, and it makes the roach easier to pass around to others.

Over the years there have been many devices used as a clip: split wooden matches; bobby-pins; paper clips; hemostats; and, alligator clips among them. These solutions vary in effectiveness and aesthetic appeal, but all achieve the same goal.

However, all these solutions clamp the joint and, if placed improperly, can restrict air pull through the joint.

That is why Green Witch and Ashley Hay Designs have conjured up an elegant new way to hold those pesky joints: Toke Wands!

Cut from high-quality acrylic and hand-detailed, Toke Wands are fun and easy to use. Simply place the end of your joint securely in the upper circle, slip your finger through the lower circle, and enjoy a relaxing smoke. You can find all five designs in our shop now.

Whatever method you ultimately choose for your roach clip needs, know that you continue a long tradition of smoking innovation.

What type of roach clip do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!

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