Let’s Talk Terpenes

At first, terpenes, or terps, may seem like mysterious components in a magic potion. You may be more familiar with them than you realize, since they are found in many

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What is THC?

Let’s get the big words out of the way first. THC stands for delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. This primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis is responsible for getting you high. Our bodies come equipped

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PayPal vs Cannabis

When we opened our virtual doors last week, we could not have been more elated! It was a time of celebration and pride, but one dark cloud loomed above the

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Welcome to Green Witch!

Welcome, CannaCoven! And a happy belated New Year! “But, wait, what am I doing here?” You may ask. Perhaps it was a New Year’s resolution to try something new. Or

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