Weed and Anxiety

Many of us suffer from anxiety; statistics put the numbers at 40 million affected people. Every person seeks out relief in any way available, for chronic or acute anxiety, and

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Terp Talk – Myrcene

We’re on to another heavy-hitter in the terpene world: this time we’re focusing on myrcene (pronounced MUR-seen.) Myrcene is found in things as common as mango, hops, lemongrass, and thyme.

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The Stoner’s Toolkit

There are a lot of gizmos and gadgets out there meant to enhance your smoking experience, but there are a select few you’ll find consistently in an experienced stoner’s kit.

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Terp Talk – Limonene

If you’ve read our primer on terpenes, you’ll remember just how important they are to your cannabis experience. Terpenes effect scent, taste, and how you feel. Let us shine a

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What Exactly is Live Resin?

Many cannabis products, such as vape cartridges, dabs, and edibles, have “live resin” on the labels. Many wonder whether this term is a marketing scheme or if it’s worth the

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A Little Dab Will Do Ya

When looking for a potent punch from cannabis, look no further than dabs. Dabs consist of a THC concentrate/extract obtained through a chemical process or through application of heat and

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Flower by the Numbers

If you’ve scoped out the flower offerings at a dispensary counter before, you’ll have noticed the THC percentages for each strain. (For a primer on what THC is, click here!)

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Let’s Talk Terpenes

At first, terpenes, or terps, may seem like mysterious components in a magic potion. You may be more familiar with them than you realize, since they are found in many

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